Hi, I’m Tim!

I’m currently a Postdoc at the computational imaging group at DESY.

Recent Posts

Data Science in Forschung und Industrie

I was happy to give a talk on “Neuronale Netze und adversarial attacks: Wie der Panda zum Gibbon wurde” in the student seminar “Data Science in Forschung und Industrie” organized by Daniel Tenbrinck.

Digital Total

Together with Samira Kabri, Lorenz Kuger, Lukas Weigand and Martin Burger, we presented our group poster “Computational Imaging@DESY” at the Digital Total event in Hamburg.

Incubator Summer Academy

Together with Samira Kabri, Lorenz Kuger and Martin Burger we organized a course at the Helmholtz Incubator Summer Academy.

Bregman Learning at BIRS

I’m currently in Kelowna at the BIRS event Leveraging Model- and Data-Driven Methods in Medical Imaging. I will give a talk on our Bregman learning framework.

Continuum Limit of Lipschitz Learning on very sparse Graphs

I will present the work on continuum limits of Lipschitz learning at the FoCM 2023 as a poster. You can find the poster here. It summarizes the main results of the following papers I wrote together with Jeff Calder and Leon Bungert:

Recent Publications

T. Roith. Consistency, Robustness and Sparsity for Learning Algorithms. (2024) [Print] [Preprint]
R. Bailo, A. Barbaro, S. N Gomes, K. Riedl, T. Roith, C. Totzeck, U. Vaes. CBX: Python and Julia packages for consensus-based interacting particle methods. (2024) [Preprint]
S. Kabri, T. Roith, D. Tenbrinck, M. Burger. Resolution-invariant image classification based on Fourier neural operators. (2023) [Print] [Preprint]

Recent Presentations

Young applied mathematicians conference, Siena. Oral Presentation. Resolution-invariant image classification via FNOs. (2023)
Young applied mathematicians conference, Siena. Oral Presentation. Polarized consensus-based dynamics for optimization and sampling. (2023)
Digital Total. Poster. Computational Imaging@DESY. (2023)


LaTeX Projects

During my time at university, LaTeX was constantly following me around and helping me out. I tried to make everything easier by producing some templates that can be reused by me and others for various projects.


Here’s an overview of some of my research projects and interests.


Here is an overview over teaching material that I published online.